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We Care About The Environment

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Dedicated to:

  • Environmental Management.
  • Carbon Reduction.
  • Holistic approach to environmental considerations from inception to end of life i.e. Feasibility and BREEAM Assessments.

Further Information

  • We operate a fleet of modern multi-use vehicles to minimise travel to and from site.
  • We operate modern plant and equipment.
  • Modern purpose built office utilising all the latest computer software.
  • Dedicated Buying and Material Scheduling Department to cut waste.
  • Approved Supply Chain in accordance with our ISO9001.2000 requirements.
  • Local Employer of Local People.

Prevention of pollution through efficiency, substitution, technology, products and processes.

  • Optimise transport efficiency by working to an effective Transport Plan.
  • Promote and support sustainable material purchasing.
  • Implement a sustainable Waste Transfer and Recycling System.
  • Review environmental objectives through an Environmental Management System.
  • Evaluate environmental impacts and provide regular audits to improve performance.
  • Comply with environmental legislation.
  • Provide employee training and Tool Box Talks.

Innovation in Carbon Reduction

  • It is our aim at Beaufort Construction to provide a clear and modern approach dedicated to Carbon Reduction and Environmental Sustainability.
  • ‘If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got’
  • We endeavour to provide an innovative approach to material specification by working with the Design Team and Supply Chain to provide environmentally sustainable products.

Initiation of Carbon Reduction

Our professional team are always keen to make alternative product suggestions by taking into account and assessing in accordance with the following criteria:

1. What is the need being fulfilled by the purchase?

  • What is the function being delivered?
  • How else could this function be delivered?

2. If it is a replacement product?

  • What factors will create a more efficient and sustainable product than that currently in use?
  • What are the implications at the ‘end of life’ of the product?

Sustainable Products

Good Procurement Practice:

  • Knowledge of the Supply base is critical in ensuring that sustainable materials are procured.
  • Supplier qualifications and appraisals are obtained prior to inclusion on approved lists.
  • Local Suppliers given preference assuming environmental considerations are met.
  • Meetings with Suppliers to verify claims.
  • Performance Monitoring.
  • Assessment of past performance in awarding contracts.

Sustainable Services

We recognise the need for Sustainable Services and Renewables and our professional team are fully conversant with modern approaches such as:

  • Ground Source Heat Pumps.
  • Air Source Heating/ Cooling.
  • Photovoltaic Systems.
  • Wind Turbines.
  • Rainwater Harvesting.
  • Biomass Heating.

Evaluation of Sustainable Services

At design stage our team can assist in evaluating the potential inclusion of renewable energy technology taking into account the following:

  • Orientation and siting for ‘passive’ solutions.
  • Capital/ lifetime cost of technology or product.
  • Impact on running costs for the project.
  • Availability of resources to run equipment.
  • Size and nature of products.
  • Health and Safety risks to site.
  • Impact on the surrounding area.
  • Flexibility for incorporating future technologies.

Transport Policy

We are situated within 10 miles of the site.

  • All of our employees are from the Mansfield / Sutton-In-Ashfield area.
  • Our operatives travel together from our Head Office to the site in our multi-use vehicles.
  • We will make a commitment that all of our sub-contractors and suppliers (unless specialist) would be sourced from within a maximum 10 mile radius of the site.

Examples of Environmentally Efficient Products

  • Energy efficient lighting and lamps.
  • Automatic controls on lighting systems.
  • Electrical systems clock controls.
  • Efficient ventilation controls.
  • Sub-metering to monitor service output levels.
  • Thermally efficient insulation, ceiling and plaster products.
  • Sustainably sourced general building materials and timber
  • We operate with a waste and recycling partner.
  • Custom built recycling centre.
  • If required we provide a weekly report to:
    • Show content of waste carried and the recycling path it takes.
    • Provide a comprehensive log of all waste transferred from site to the Recycling Centre.
    • Breakdown the percentage of recycled material against that going to landfill in the form of a Pie Chart.

An Enviable Reputation

We have an enviable reputation for providing quality work on time and within budget